Friday, August 26, 2011

Two Things I Will Give You the Death Stare For Saying

I have no experience living in a A town where the gas station closes at 7pm. I asked a woman I met what the childcare was like. And she told me there are no day cares. At all. This won't be an issue for my daughter since she'll be starting school next fall, but for the next baby? The hardware store is closed on the weekends. Not a chain store in sight. I don't mind the quiet, the friendly people, but....I like Target. And Costco. What will I do when I move over next spring and there are none of these things. I haven't called to inquire about Internet yet because I am sure I will be cringing at the slow dial-up I'll be stuck with. Speaking of an Internet connection, I won't have one for a few days after this afternoon. I'm headed back to Montana on Monday. To home. And high-speed wireless. And stores that are always open.

The new school year is looming in front of me. In spite of my love of lazy summer days, I am excited to get back to it. I have no illusions that this year will be easy, since I don't have the Man to help out. Last year really sucked, even with backup. But I find myself ready all the same. Ready to wrap this up. The next few months (well 10 months if I'm gonna be a buzzkill) are all that stands between me and my degree and the option of another baby. Mentally ready, anyway. As far as all the things that need to get done before I am organized and prepared for the onslaught of schoolwork and sleep deprivation...I've got a long way to go. Summer has been nearly as much of a free-for-all as the school year was.

Got some interesting comments from people in our lives yesterday. I now have an official list of statements that are likely to make me try to scratch your eyes out:

1. "Don't be offended, but I never thought you guys would make it after Matthew passed away." From the wife of one of the Man's old friends who have followed behind us on this little sojourn to North Dakota. Umm....what makes people think they should say shit like this? If this was the first time I had heard this from someone I'd probably let it slide. But it's not. I have heard this more times than I can count over the past five years. Is this intended to be a compliment? Or is it more like, "Wow, you guys are really a train wreck. Can't believe you're still trying to make it work." Right. Thanks for the support. And shut up.

2. "Why don't you just move and finish school in North Dakota so you guys don't have to be apart? What's the rush?" From pretty much everyone we've talked to this summer. Umm....what makes people think they should say shit like this? The Man and I have been over this many times and we are in complete agreement that I need to stay put and finish school. So why do I find myself explaining it over and over again? Of course we are scared and sad that we have to be apart. Thanks for pointing it out to me so that I can feel guilty all over again for not being a "good wife" and going wherever my "husband" goest. Thanks for the support. And shut up.

Since I did not bring along the proper equipment, I can't post any new pictures from my camera until I get home. In this area of North Dakota, there are many sunflower farms and thus many fields with huge sunflowers as far as the eye can see. I am dragging the kiddo, my camera, and an old chair out into them this afternoon to try to get some cute pics.

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