Monday, June 13, 2011


I survived finals.  Its summer!....what am I supposed to do now?  I finished Wednesday afternoon and I still feel jittery, like I am supposed to be doing something every time I lay down.  I even drove up to school Thursday to finish some last minute paperwork and repair a lampshade I made in my Stained Glass class last year (the dog and the 3 year old were not kind to it).  I don't really know what to do with myself.  Just hang around the house?  Work a bunch of hours?  Sleep the whole 3.5 months away?  The two pregnant girls in my class have both had their babies and get to spend the time with their new bundles of joy.  It still seems like everyone is having a baby these days and I am just dying for one.  My little girl is growing up so fast, and it feels like its been forever since I had a baby.

My mother is driving me crazy.  She does this super-adorable thing where she complains about you to every other member of the family except you.  I never know where I stand with her and it is so frustrating to hear that she is complaining about how much she has to help out with my daughter while I am in school.  I would like to clarify that she helps out occasionally at most, but the last few weeks of school with the Man working out of town I have needed her more than I probably have all year.  I parent my own child.  And I do not drink.  Or use drugs.  She is great with my daughter, it's me that she judges and criticizes.  I don't even like to ask her for help with my kiddo because I know I will pay for it emotionally from her.  I always feel like she thinks I don't appreciate the help she gives me. So hopefully now that it's summer it won't be an issue for awhile.

In the interest of utilizing my summer time to regroup, I have several projects lined up that I'm hoping will occupy me:

1.  The fallout from my parents' divorce three years ago left me with all the old family photos.  I need to scan them all into my computer and get everyone digital copies.

2.  The kiddo's scrapbooks don't even extend to her first birthday. It would be nice to catch up.

3.  The photos that are hanging on the walls are all outdated by several years.

4.  The walls in my house all need painted and I want my daughter's room redone.

5.  My guy needs to get his CDL.  I plan to help out by making study guides to enhance his learning--and drive him nuts.

6.  Its time I learned how to navigate a gym.  If all goes well, we want another baby next year as my graduation gets close.  I am thinking that by February or March it will be safe to get pregnant without interfering with my June 2012 graduation.  I want to be in the best shape of my life before we start trying this time.  That means the time to get in shape is now, my friends.

7.  All of my paperwork from this year needs to be organized and backed up so that my hard drives are cleared up for fall.  This could potentially take up a month of my summer.  Ugh.

8.  In the interest of not letting my brain rot and having a huge problem with school next fall I have a list of crap to teach myself over the summer:
  • I want to know heart and lung sounds cold
  • Heart rhythms--supposed to be learning them this fall, but it would be nice to know them already
  • Pharmacology--I have some serious gaps that I need to fill in
  • Pathophysiology--just trying not to forget anything
9.  And just for fun...I have some books in my shopping cart at Amazon on NICU nursing.  In the interest of my serious obsession with obtaining a NICU preceptorship next spring, I've been wanting to read up, but haven't had time during the school year.

This morning the kiddo and I were on a mission for donuts.  She chose a chocolate one with gummy worms.  Then we put together my old Barbie house and she jabbered to herself for awhile while I read on the couch.  Now we are watching Shrek 2 for the fiftieth time.  I really want to redo this blog...the look just isn't me right now.  Brainstorming some ideas.  The weather is still rainy...we've only had a couple of nice days so far this year, and I've been stuck in class or studying for all of them.  I can't wait for it to be nice again.  I am dying to go camping.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Stay Tuned...

I will be a more attentive blogger in approximately 5 days when finals are finished.  Things are looking okay so far.  I passed my final competency with no issues (my friend, however, will have to redo hers next week).  I have been starting IVs in the hospital with alacrity, but I never anticipated a problem since I did the phlebotomy thing for awile before nursing school.  I can do IV medications as well now.  I've had some awesome clinicals this quarter and am looking forward to rehashing them here soon.  I had a Pharmacology ATI test today that ranks you according to how well you do up against other nursing students in the country.  I didn't score as well as I wanted, but I made a Level 2 and I am only a Level 1 student, so at this point I'll take what I can get.  Finals Lineup:  Monday--Pathophysiology; Tuesday--Acute Nursing Care; Wednesday--Pharmacology; Wednesday night--swallow a potent apple martini and pass out for 14 hours straight.