Monday, May 16, 2011

Poor Neglected Little Blog

I wish I had time to post more often but I feel guilty devoting time to this blog that should be spent studying right now.  Let's see...The Man's job situation still sucks and so does his family.  His mother is all up in my shit every chance she gets.  Enough said for now.  After 6 years together, crap from his family is nothing new.  School is getting to that stressful time before finals when papers are due and textbook material must be learned 12 chapters at a time in order to be ready for finals.  I am not sleeping enough or finding enough time for my family at this point, and I can't wait for summer.  I crave summer.  I have 3 more weeks of class left.  I was hoping The Man would've found a better job by now--even though we are looking out of state at this point.  I have fantasies of living in a camper trailer for the summer somewhere far away from here.  I have it figured out so that the kiddo and I could stay home for a week while I work and then spend a week with him.  I am still hoping that will happen; I really don't want to spend my summer working full time and checking my kiddo into daycare everyday.  

All the good TV shows are wrapping up for the season and it's making me sad.  How am I going to make it to September with no new episodes of The Vampire Diaries?  Without school and television my life starts to feel like it's at a standstill after a couple of weeks.  But at the moment...I have a pediatric case study to write.