Thursday, August 4, 2011

Does Anyone Know How to Get on "Hoarders?"

I honestly don't know what I was thinking with the whole brown and pink butterfly blog look I had going on before.  It wasn't me at all.  I'm happier with the new look, but we'll see.  Got pictures up of Baby Boy, but I need to get the memory card out of my camera so I can get a recent pic up of my daughter.

Summer is slipping quickly through my fingers.  Care to venture a guess as to how much of my summer to do list I've accomplished so far?  If you guessed nothing, you got it.  It's frustrating me today, especially in light of the fact that I'm doing some solo parenting now that Jer is in North Dakota working.  I need to run a much tighter ship.  The kiddo and I are messy and I'm not a person who naturally cares how clean and organized my life is--it's only when the clutter starts to mess up regular activities such as trying to locate a pair of pink little girl sandals in order to dash to the grocery store ("The pink ones with the purple flowers, Mommy!") that I start to get really frustrated.  Since I am steering the parenting/nursing school ship alone this year, I need to develop some skills I don't currently have.  Let's face it...I'm a slob.  The kind of slob who panics when a neighbor knocks on the door because I fear what they are about to see will send them screaming home.  And I live in a trailer so imagine the type of mess it would take to actually scare my neighbors off.  It's starting to look like an episode of Hoarders up in here.  To make matters worse, I can no longer blame the clutter on The Man; I'm having to face up to the fact that it's Me.  So with only 4 solid weeks of summer left, I need to hustle if I am to get a few things done.  I need things to be in order.

Spent last week in North Dakota...generally dull.  Jer and I fell in love with a little house, only to call the realtor and find out that an offer is pending on it.  He isn't currently working in an area that we are thrilled to settle in though, so I can only hope there is something else out there for us.  Jer hates being so far away and I must confess to not having the best time with the long distance thing either.  I miss him.  Right now I am feeling stable about the whole thing, but by tomorrow morning I'll probably be panicking again.  I'm really good at panicking.

Met my mother at the mall for lunch today.  Smiled to myself when I thought about how much trips to the mall take on a new tone when you have a child.  I never made it into an adult clothing store, but we spent considerable time at the pet store, the toy store and the penny fountain (ever tried to explain to a four year old why she cannot shove her arms into the fountain water up to her elbows in order to grab out coins for re-throwing?).  Then the kiddo and I made colored sand bottles this evening.  And I watched Jersey Shore.  I love Jersey Shore.  Don't judge--it's the perfect form of mind-numbing summer television.  I'm also working my way through previous seasons of Dexter and Entourage--if crap television was a productive summer pastime I'd be doing very very well.  In the interest of teaching my child the good housekeeping habits I don't seem to have I also spent a teeth-gritting hour encouraging her to "help" clean up my bedroom since it was filled with the toys and stuffed animals she has been dragging in over the past three days.  I resorted to chanting "God, thank you for the blessing that is this child" over and over again in my head in order to refrain from yelling at her while she slooooowly picked up about 6 toys over the entire hour.  Believe it or not, 6 toys is progress.

Hoping the blog remodel will inspire me to spend more time here.

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