Sunday, March 24, 2013


My little family all together for the first time.

Daddy and Tanner

Busting out of the hospital

First time in the car seat!
Here are the promised photos.  Sorry it took me so long to get them up--I haven't wanted to put my little guy down for a second.  Actually, he's snuggled up on my chest right now.  As you can see, he's got a full head of dark hair that is perfect for burying my face in.  He smells amazing--nothing better than that new baby smell.  His pajamas have rockets on them.  I feel like my heart is going to burst a lot these days.

We are all tucked in at home now, and it feels really good to be here.  It's been a long road.  It is so surreal to be using the baby things, dealing with the sleep deprivation, the whole package.  Until I heard that baby cry in the operating room, there was a huge, fearful, quivering part of me that did not believe we would be taking a baby home.  Thankfully, now that he is here, that fearful part of me is a bit more in control.  Although, I am really nervous about one of my dogs being around the baby--he's a real weirdo of a dog, and I'm not taking any chances.  

As he's laying here on my chest, I feel a sense of disbelief that he was in my belly just a few days ago.  He isn't even back to his birth weight yet, but I just don't know how he fit in there.  He still folds himself up the way he was positioned in my uterus, with his knees pulled up to his chest.  It really explains why his kicks were capable of inflicting pain for the last bit of pregnancy.  

As for me...I'm looking pretty postpartumy.  I want to save his birth story for its own post, but I do want to share that I brought something else home from the hospital besides a baby.  Any guesses?  Okay, I guess I'll tell...It's a catheter.  It conveniently allows me to empty my bladder into a bag.  And it lets me know when my urine is bloody from trying to accomplish too much in one day.  If I could think of a disadvantage?  I guess it can be a bit awkward trying to tote a pee bag everywhere while also holding a newborn.  And it makes it difficult to want to answer the door when the neighbors knock.  So anyway, that's my excuse for not posting any pictures of myself in the above collage.  I'm a bit behind on commenting, but I promise I'll catch up soon.


  1. Congrats on your son! He is so cute and I LOVE that Monsters, Inc. outfit.

  2. Oh my goodness he is adorable! Love that head of hair!!! Congrats from ICLW!

  3. A Belated Congratulations, on the birth of Tanner. Happy ICLW!

  4. Hi from ICLW! Congratulations on your new addition, he's adorable! Love all that hair! I hope your recovery goes quickly and smoothly!

  5. He is adorable (that hair!) and your family is beautiful!

    I hope you can get rid of the pee bag soon.