Monday, March 11, 2013

38 Weeks

7 days at the most.  Daylight savings is here and it feels like spring outside these days.  Spring is my absolute favorite--isn't it everyone's?

I'm feeling...pretty large.  Anxious. Definitely short-tempered. Ready for this to move on to the next stage.  Saturday evening I was having a string of steady contractions along with a lot of irritability and some radiating back pain.  I was thrilled.  Jerry was here with me, we were at 37 weeks 5 days (with lung steroids on board), and I was more than willing to let things progress.  So of course, it all came to a standstill as soon as I had come to this conclusion.  Little Guy was kicking merrily away the entire time. He would rearrange his butt position on alternating sides of my stomach every couple of contractions and he almost always gives a little kick at the end of each contraction I think he's happy in there for as long as we'll leave him in.  He seems to have no plans to escape whatsoever. 

Jerry is completing his last few days of work before his leave begins.  Hopefully I won't go into labor until Saturday now.  Since he is anywhere from 3.5 to 6 hours away from me during his workdays, I am extremely worried that he might miss the birth if it comes at an inopportune moment.  On Friday morning, I will be driving up to pick him up and bring him back to the city with me to await Eviction Day.  This way we only have one vehicle to deal with getting home afterwards.  

I'm also hoping not to have to use the babysitting services of my elderly grandparents in the middle of the night.  My grandfather is at that stage where he really shouldn't be allowed to drive anymore, but no one has found a solution yet and he hasn't had any accidents so.... he still considers it appropriate to drive.  But I can't have them driving ANYWHERE with Roo.  

I have a window of just 4 more days to get through before we are home free.  My mother is coming up in a couple of days so that will eliminate my grandparent worries and if we can just get through Friday, I won't have to worry about Jerry missing the show anymore.  I have a few days of studying to finish my finals for my current class, and then I am officially on break for almost two weeks.

Aside from the baby excitement, I really cannot wait to go home.  I'm just praying everything goes smoothly and that Little Guy's emergence goes well and he is healthy.  I'm ready for that weight to be lifted.  

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  1. Come on, Little Guy! Hang out just a few more days!

    Reese, I'm hoping so hard that everything works out for you, that the labor and delivery go as smoothly as possible, that Jerry doesn't miss it, that you all get to go home soon happy and healthy.