Tuesday, March 12, 2013

In Which Pregnancy Brain Officially Takes Over...

I definitely believe in pregnancy brain.  This time it's ripping my GPA to shreds.  I don't know if I come across as Type A here at all...but I would assume I do.  I think it would be difficult to spend five minutes around me and not realize that.  

I don't often do poorly in school. I do very well in school, and if a grade doesn't meet my standards, I have trouble accepting it.  I haven't seen a substandard grade in....a very long time.   I see A's as the minimum grade that is personally acceptable to me.  I don't appreciate B's but I can let one slide every once in awhile.

Pregnancy has apparently changed all of this for me.  Why?  Because I DO NOT CARE anymore.  I hate these classes.  I'm having trouble convincing myself that I shouldn't just quit.  I can barely focus on the assignments and I dread opening my computer and books to study. I'll read, underline, highlight, take notes, do the practice questions.  I'll be positive that I know the material inside and out.  Then I'll take the weekly quiz and feel like I don't know anything.  I just want this stupid class to be over so that I can zone out for the next few days and hang out with my Kiddo.  

As proof of my apathy (maybe that's the wrong word?), today I received a 72% on one of the two finals in this class.  You would think I would've seen it coming, but I did not.  I actually felt like the test was going okay, and then BAM.  Oops.  Lucky for me it is only worth 10% of the final grade in the class, but since I still have another one to take I am a bit concerned at this point. 

I'm really hoping that the history class I'm taking next session restores the balance a bit for me.  I cannot continue to force myself to take classes that are dull and that I hate when I will hopefully have my lovely children to pay attention to.  Little guy will be a week old when the history class starts and I just know I'll have better things to do. 

I have one more test that is worth 10% of my grade, so as long as I pass the test I won't do too much damage to the final grade.  Here's hoping.  Because I prefer to spend my last nights of pregnancy reading bedtime stories and overdosing on bad television.

6 more days...

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  1. I'm a bad example because I'm just so burned out on school after way too long at it, I just want it to be DONE, but Cs do earn degrees and if it's the liberal arts part of your degree, it probably isn't a huge deal anyway. Priorities in life are important. Currently my priority is snuggling this baby rather than reviewing my flashcards like I should. Sometimes grades just might not matter so much, so long as you pass. At least that's my thought.