Monday, January 30, 2012

I'm Insane, Right?

I had this dream two nights ago...that I was pregnant.  I got up and said, "Huh, that was strange and out-of-nowhere."  I went about my day.  Since then I haven't been able to shake the strange feeling that I might be pregnant.  It's absolutely ridiculous.  I am not even a little bit late.  I do not know why; it is just such a disconcerting feeling.  I'm writing about it here because A) it's bugging me and B) it is somewhat embarrassing that I am so insane and hormonal so I think it's best to vent about it here rather than face-to-face with someone. 

1 comment:

  1. Not to encourage insanity, but could it be possible given the last time you saw Jerry? Is there a dollar store somewhere nearby where you could get some cheap HPTs if you do wind up being late? Even if they don't turn up BFP right now, hopefully the dream is a sign of good things happening soon... :-)