Monday, January 16, 2012

Baby Cravings (Round 5)

Well...I think baby cravings are smacking me at full force.  I am trying to reason with myself by pointing out that it is almost time, just a little longer to start Project Baby.  I'm trying to reason with myself by pointing out that I always crave babies at this time of year.  From January to April, I inevitably ricochet between bad periods of grief over the loss of my child and an insatiable desire to have another baby.  Add to this a sprinkling of insane and inappropriate jealousy when people marked as "unworthy" of another child in my hormonal and grief crazed mind dare to deliver a child of their own during this time period.  That's right folks.  Sanity and reason are not personality characteristics I always choose to utilize, no matter how level-headed and calm I may seem here.  

How, you may be asking, do I combat this potent combination of Winter/Baby Blues?  I wander the baby section at Target until I realize I don't belong there or until my four year old starts screeching that I haven't taken her to see the toys yet.  Whichever happens first.  I complain loudly to Jerry that I want another baby during every.single. conversation.  Even though he is not the one holding up the show.  I am.  He has long ago started making comments regarding his readiness for another child.  Yet this does not save him from my loud, dramatic sighs and overly descriptive depictions of the adorable baby(ies) I recently viewed.  When Jerry can't listen to it anymore, I then tell everyone else I know.  It's a good time for everyone involved, I think.

And I start baking.  It's pretty ridiculous.  Right now I am baking this.  I will not be posting a picture of my culinary masterpiece here because...I just don't want to.  But feel free to view this talented lady's version.

As you may imagine, all of these activities have been making a serious dent in my study time.  And house cleaning time.  However, I am pleased to report that my daughter now knows 20/26 alphabet letters.  And yesterday we watched the original version of Annie together for the first time.  She loved it, but was very intense during the viewing.  "Mommy, what is that mean lady doing!"  "Mommy, why is Annie running?"  "Mommy where are the orphans?"  "MOMMY!!!"  She requested a second viewing this morning, but I politely declined in favor of a movie that wouldn't incite such raw emotions (and headaches).  We have also played several variations of princess games, in which she dresses herself elaborately and gives me very specific instructions on how to rescue her while she collapses in a dramatic heap.  Aww Disney, raising generations of helpless females.  But good fun.  So while not much has happened in the productivity department, and the Baby Cravings are running high, I have had some fun with the Kiddo.  

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  1. How did the baking turn out? It's one of my favorite hobbies. I printed out the recipe you linked to, and then found myself wandering around the site. For Valentine's Day, I think I'm going to try making the Red Velvet Cream Cheese Brownies recipe I saw on there.