Wednesday, November 28, 2012

23 Weeks 1 Day

Today?  Was not my favorite day ever.  I awoke to the unmistakeable aroma of dog shit wafting from the living room.  Someone ate something he/she shouldn't have, but neither wanted to fess up.  Several hours later I realize that the show is not yet over.   That's right.  Another mess, this one of the yarf variety and conveniently located under the bed.  At least I don't have carpet in this bedroom.  I blame this one on Scout because he was looking pretty guilty and is usually the one who eats garbage if given the chance. Just between you and I, dear Internet, he is the WORST dog ever.   I told him he wasn't my favorite canine today and that he should make himself scarce.  He wisely did.

I wouldn't normally stoop so low as to discuss my dogs' bowel movements, but it was pretty much representative of my emotional state today, so....I promise I'll only do it this one time.  

I'm holding it together okay, really.  I think it's just the potent combination of teetering here on the Edge of Viability with Baby Blue, the ongoing vehicle dilemma we've been having, learning to deal with life in FrontierLand, and the pressure I feel because I'm not using my nursing degree in any way that brings in money.  I am staying busy these days increasing my student loan debt rather than paying on it with gainful employment.  I don't think Dave Ramsey would approve.

Also.  I am possibly the worst housewife ever.  Seriously.  I can't keep this house clean no matter what I do.  I blame Jerry and the Kiddo, but it's not really them.  It's me.  When I was busy balancing nursing school and the Kiddo, I just wrote it off as being busy.  Now?  I am busy, but not busy enough for it to be a valid excuse.  The house just always seems completely out of control.  This is a big problem.  Why do you ask?  Oh yeah, because I am pregnant.  And you never know when I might have to disappear from my house for a few months to hang out in the NICU.  Jerry would have to come back at some point and work as would the Kiddo.  It would really bother me if there was still a pile of moving boxes in the living room and that happened.  I am not getting Baby Blue's room ready prior to hospital discharge so I think this may be my version of nesting.  Hopefully, the issue won't even come up.

Baby Blue is still gestating away.

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