Saturday, March 3, 2012

Weekend Ramblings

Jerry is home for the weekend.  Oh, how I've missed him.  I don't even know how to describe it.  This weekend was supposed to be perfectly timed for a conception attempt, but--wouldn't ya know it--it appears that I lost that window last Sunday.  My body magically seems to have decided to throw a normal 28 day cycle at me for the first time, um, ever.  So I'm afraid there will be no PPT this time around.  Sigh.  Better luck next time, I guess.  I was tempted to post my ovulation predictors here because I am quite sure I am using a flawed brand, but I refrained.  Due to the long-distance relationship we find ourselves in, ovulation predictors that actually work would not change the window of availability in our schedules. 

I'm getting married, folks.  I don't know if I've ever really discussed it here, but Jerry and I have yet to be legally married.  I have called myself married for years, as has Prince Charming, but we've decided it's (past) time to make it official.  We never really intended to stay unmarried for 7 years--it just happened.  First Matthew, then our daughter, then my parents had a particularly ugly divorce, then back to school, and the timing for a wedding never seemed right.  Also, I am seriously afraid of huge wedding productions.  We wanted to go to Vegas, but it became a big circus because so many family members decided they would like to be there (my parents are crazy like that). we are going to do it in June, the day after my would-be graduation.  I'm going for simple.  That's all I know right now. 

This weekend has already proven to be productive.  I have new flooring in my bathroom, a new fridge,  The new phone has been coming for a long time as neither of us have ever had a "smart phone."  And in case you are wondering, yes I already have a fertility tracker app on it.  It also agreed with my theory about this weekend being "the window." 

Tomorrow, I get to spend the day with a few of my least favorite family members.  Also known as Jerry's family members.  Sorry babe, you know it's true.  God give me strength.  Then Monday I have my final skills exam in nursing school.  This one should be a doozy.  I am looking forward to having it out of the way.  Before skills exams I like to spend all my time obsessing over the many possible patient scenarios that could be thrown my way, and the many ways in which I am clueless.  It's kind of like a hobby, but with less fun and more anxiety. 

Let's see...clinicals.  I am done with all clinical experiences after Thursday.  We then spend 5 weeks straight in the classroom doing testing to prep for the NCLEX followed by a month of preceptoring with another nurse in the hospital.  I am going to be in NICU and ICU for these shifts so I am really excited.  The end of clinical days really cannot come soon enough for me, I've had some really shitty clinicals this term.   I really hate Med/Surg floors.  And I'm absolutely sick of a couple of my fellow students.  I'm just ready to be done with it. 

Oh, the daycare drama.  I did speak to the director about policies and procedures in place for potential child abduction situations.  I was somewhat reassured by the fact that the director had taken the incident very seriously and had already held a staff meeting on the matter by the time I spoke to her the next morning.  However, my daughter still hasn't been back to daycare.  I utilized my mom for two days and then Jerry came home.  Monday she will have to go back for a few hours.  We'll see how it goes.  I gave explicit instructions that I do not want her wandering out to the lobby unsupervised for any reason.  The kids keep their backpacks out there and I just don't want her alone in the lobby because a teacher didn't notice that she went to get something from her bag.  The daycare is also increasing efforts to keep a staff member at the desk at all times, but I guess this is also a bit complicated as they would need an additional staff member since they have to keep their child:staff ratios within legal limits in the classrooms.  Hopefully, it will all work out.  I don't think I am going to pull her from the daycare as of right now.  She's already been pulled from one and we will be moving in a few months.  So that's where we stand for now.

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  1. I'm glad you and Jerry were able to spend the weekend together, even if the timing wasn't perfect with your cycle. It would figure the one time you don't want a normal 28-day cycle is the time it happens...

    Congratulations on the wedding! Simple is a great way to go. I may be exceedingly practical, but I don't see the point of spending 10s of thousands of dollars on one day - I'd rather spend most of that on a down payment for a house or something like that. Our wedding reception very much resembled the ambience of a high school dance, which was pretty much what we could afford since we were 21 at the time and we were paying for all of it ourselves. But since we are high school sweethearts and our first date was a high school dance, the ambience was rather apropros. :-)

    I hope the next several weeks go well for you with regard to school. And I'm glad the day care director seems to be taking the situation seriously.