Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Since I'm Ranting....

Am I the only one who thinks it is absolutely ridiculous the way the media is crucifying the Duggar family's decision to hold a memorial for their daughter and pass out pictures taken by Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep?  I know.  They have 19 kids.  And counting.  To someone like me, having 19 kids is a crazy notion; it seems greedy to me in a way.  But seriously.  They lost a child.  Leave them be and let them grieve.  Let them honor their daughter the way they choose.  Why should the number of children they already have make the life of the child they lost less valuable?  The answer is:  it shouldn't.  I think the ongoing argument over whether they should continue to have children is another issue (and I fall on the "No" side of that, FYI).  They are still allowed to be saddened by their loss.  I just don't think it's valid to be like, "Hey, who cares?  You have 19 more at home."  At the end of the day, the way they choose to live is NONE OF OUR BUSINESS.

An example of how bizarrely my mind works:  if the Duggars were able to look at their successful pregnancy average they would come out looking pretty damn good.  19:20 pregnancies successfully completed.  That's a 95% average folks.  I'm running at 1:2 or 50% right now.  I'm pretty sure my uterus would just up and leave me if I even attempted to cram twenty occupants in over the years.  That would be a total of 180 months of pregnancy.  Crazy.

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