Saturday, December 3, 2011


On Thursday, I proved my independence as a woman who can make it with her man living 600 miles away by fixing my own leaking sink.  At least I thought I fixed it at the time.  As I was getting ready for a twelve hour night rotation at the hospital yesterday afternoon (you know, one of those NICU ones that I beg for as though I actually have spare time) I heard the bastard dripping again.  Now I am alternating between staring at it as a form of brainstorming ways to fix it myself and just not using my bathroom sink until I have time to call someone to fix it.  Which wouldn't be until next Friday at the earliest since it's Finals Week.  

I get to put my nursing school uniform (you know, the one with the embarrassing patch) away for a whole month now!  It gave me great satisfaction to shove it into the very back of my closet today. 

I am in love with other peoples' babies.  Seriously.  Some of those little babies are so cute that only the site of my own Kiddo can take the edge off my baby cravings.  I am particularly in love with this one little squirt who is angry at the world over the limitations imposed by his current feeding schedule.  The rage with which he sucks his binky and screams when placed back in his own plastic hospital crib is so delicious.  This kid can sense the most minute changes in elevation and notices that he has been transitioned from being held to being alone in bed within seconds.  Three pounds of fireball, that one.  Of course, I do get to leave him and sleep so that probably helps my adoration along.

My daughter is obsessed with those stick horse thingys that consist of a stuffed horse head and a long wooden handle.  Apparently it is all the rage in this house to have one of these with which to gallop around the house neighing loudly.  I haven't bought her one yet because I fear that the long wooden handle will quickly be utilized as a weapon with which to herd terrified dogs into a corner of the living room.  

Update on my mental status:  since the day I had the little talk with myself about chilling out, I have taken my heartburn medication twice.  Why, you ask?  Because apparently the combination of decompressing and taking allergy medication will make the throat lump and heartburn magically disappear.  I would complain about the expensive medical interventions I required to figure this big medical mystery out...but I'm just glad it's gone.  Good riddance.

So excited for the upcoming break.  I will be spending some serious time in North Dakota with Jerry.  I am looking forward to it, but the lack of a decent internet connection has me frantically calling businesses to attempt to get the connection taken care of before my arrival.  I can deal with a ridiculously small town (population of less than 600 people by the way.  Like I said, ridiculous) but no internet connection is a deal-breaker.  I am also going to try sedating my hyper dog so that I can travel with two dogs and a four year old.  This has not been attempted previously so it should be interesting to say the least.  

But for's time I focus on studying for finals.

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  1. I'm impressed that you made the attempt to fix it. When I was first married (at 21), I was Ms. Independence - I had seen my mom depend on my dad for pretty much everything and then be so completely lost when he left that I was determined to be just the opposite. But over time I've relaxed that stance quite a bit, and now R is in charge of killing creepy crawly things, dealing with anything mechnical, etc., and I handle human and pet medical stuff in exchange. :-)

    I'm so glad the throat lump and heartburn has disappeared. I'm sure that's quite a relief.

    I hope you have a great time with Jerry during your break from school!