Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ah Ah Ah Ah...Staying Alive

I have survived another semester of nursing school.  Yay!!!  Finals are over, clinicals are done, practical demonstrations passed, papers are turned in and graded.  All in all, I consider myself lucky to be getting out alive.  I had some complicated things occurring and I doubted my ability to overcome the whole way through.  So...on with Xmas Break!

I need some new TV shows to watch.  I didn't pick up any new shows from the fall line-up this year.  There just wasn't anything that grabbed my interest and I have to keep television to a minimum during school.  But I am ready to scout some new shows now!  The Vampire Diaries (my all-time favorite) is on winter hiatus.  I am also caught up on Dexter and Jersey Shore. 

Speaking of intersting things....why didn't I know about Pinterest sooner?  I generally avoid time-sucking internet hobbies (aside from blogging, of course), so I waited until my finals were over to check it out.  It is freaking awesome.  I am now shamelessly trolling for an invite.  Anybody???  Apparently, I may be on the waiting list for awhile since I don't know people, and I must. have. a board.  My email is if anyone feels like hooking me up.

Tomorrow I am going to the local bookstore to drink overpriced coffee and browse the shelves.  This has been a fantasy of mine for the last several weeks.  It is going to rock.  I'm also going to scrub my floors so that I can enjoy a half hour of pet hair-free floors.  It probably isn't going to rock.

Anyone waiting on the edge of their seat to learn how my fitness regimen has been coming going to be waiting for a very long time.  I am lazy and enjoy junk food.  The fitness DVDs have not been used and neither has my gym membership.  It's on the list. 

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  1. Congratulations on being finished with another semester! If I ever figure out pinterest and how to invite people I promise to invite you first. Enjoy your break! Take care.