Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April, Nursing School, and Looming Unemployment

April.  I don't really know what to say about April except that it's here for the fifth time since Matthew died.  April is the month my baby boy was born in and the month he died in.  I've been talking a lot here and with my family and friends about how the three months before April are often much worse than April turns out to be. I can feel time start to suck me into a black hole shortly after New Years is gone. This year...has been bad.  In April, at least people kind of expect me to be bad off.  I miss my baby boy.

School is back in full force and I have a ton of reading to do.  Today we learned how to do nasogastric tubes.  I was excited because feeding tubes are a staple of NICU life (note Matthew's tube coming out of the right side of his mouth--feeding tube).  Next week is also a big maternity week in Pathophysiology, and I never love nursing school more then when I get to learn about BABIES.  Having the usual trouble getting my head back in the game after the break, so hopefully the brain will click back on for me soon.  I did pass my Medical calculations exam on the first shot today, a feat I did not pull off last quarter. 

My guy needs some prayer and warm wishes sent his way.  He has been progressively losing his job as the economy tries to recover.  And though I have been complain-y about my own silly job lately, his job is terrible.  He has the worst boss I have ever heard of.  Instead of the boss being a responsible employer and letting his workers know the status of his dying and poorly managed company, this guy just leaves them all hanging and doesn't give them hours for weeks at a time.  Then he will call and expect a guy to report for duty in 30 minutes.  Anyhow, the boss likes to get drunk and talk shit about all of the employees who have stuck with him for years.  And this week it's my guy's turn to be talked about in a demeaning and disrespectful manner (Yay!).  Also, the boss has a theory that if he fires some of his workers (or ignores them until they quit) and hires new workers for nine bucks an hour, his profits will go up.  Cute, right?  So needless to say, we are trying really hard to get him the hell out of there.  Cross your fingers for us.  That's all I've got for now--ignored the books for long enough tonight.

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