Sunday, January 20, 2013

You Can Plan and You Can Pray...

This post may be a bit wonkier than usual as I have been on a magnesium drip for close to 30 hours at this time and quite literally cannot see straight.   Quick update.  

Terbutaline failed to stop my contractions at the rural hospital.

Airlifted to city hospital.  Magnesium started and second betamethasone shot was given.

Continue to have contractions, though not yet dilated past 2.

My "team" and I feel it is unrealistic to believe this pregnancy will continue much longer and are prepping for a premature birth.

To say that I am frantic, would be the understatement of my life.  Frantic doesn't begin to cover it.  I had hoped to never be in this situation again, but here we are.  And now I, my family and I, have to find some way to get through.

I've spoken with the neonatologists, toured the NICU, made the arrangements for school, my dogs, and my daughter.  Oh my gosh, how I miss my daughter.  She is hanging out with her Grandma and visiting daily but I just wish I could pull her sleeping little body into bed with me and watch her.  Jerry is here.  He's been a saint, and I am so grateful for him.

Magnesium is shut off at 0800 tomorrow morning.  At which time it is anticipated that labor will progress, but I may have some time to post with a clearer head that isn't filled with Magnesium fog.  I can definitely verify that magnesium is as bad as they say.  I would stay on it for a month if that was an available option, but 24 hours after the second betamethasone shot is the limit and I already talked the MFM into an extra twelve hours.  I will try to update with posts and photos as I can. 

At midnight I will be 31 weeks pregnant.  Better than last time, not as good as full term.  In my head I know that 31 weeks with steroids is a much better scenario than a placental abruption at 27 weeks.  But my heart can feel the lurch of the car poised at the top of the roller coaster.   And we are about to go down.


  1. I am still praying that somehow your contractions stop. But even if they don't, you and your baby boy are fighters, and I know you'll both fight with everything you have for the best possible outcome. I'm glad you're at the city hospital with more resources now.

  2. Oh Reese, I am sorry you are in a situation that is so scary for you. Hoping and praying that your contractions stop and, if they don't, that they baby is healthy and strong.

    ICLW #8 Dragondreamer's Lair

  3. Thinking of you, your little boy and family during this scary time. May everything work out in the best possible way.
    Here from ICLW.

  4. Hi from ICLW. Really hoping that things go well for you and your baby.

  5. Thinking of you and baby. 31 weeks is so much better than earlier. I will keep sending thoughts and prayers your way.

    ICLW #51