Monday, January 21, 2013

Still Gestating

Chubby cheeks and the edge of a pregnant belly.  Mine to be specific.
Still pregnant here, though I didn't expect to be.  Magnesium was shut off at 0400 this morning after my extremely slow reflexes, muscle weakness and nausea began to alarm the nurses.  I wanted to argue for the remaining four hours I had been promised, but after a bathroom trip in which Jerry and the nurse nearly completely carried me to and from the toilet because my legs couldn't bear weight, I found I had few tools with which to argue.  When I was able to escort myself to the bathroom a couple hours later, I have to admit I was relieved to have a bit of strength back.  That stuff was definitely a bad trip.

The contractions continue, but I haven't dilated further today.  I was allowed to get up and shower, move around the room a bit.  The MFM came and spoke with me after my ultrasound regarding the remaining cervix that I have.  Apparently I still have a little bit.  He says I could go into full on labor at any time.  Or I could make it to full term contracting away like this.  

I feel so glad to still be pregnant, and I know every day counts.  I hope that by opening with that, you might forgive the inevitable complaints that I know will leak out if I have to stay in this horrible hospital room for weeks on end.  Complaints about bad nurses, disgusting food, being unable to parent my daughter.  It's been a horrendous few days, and it's a pretty sad situation when this is the ideal.  Ideally, things will go on just like this for a while longer.  Ideally, I'll keep this little guy in.  Ideally.

Speaking of the little guy...he, at least, seems pretty oblivious to the situation at hand.  He flips around cheerfully with no indication that he's received the eviction notice my uterus is trying to hand him.  It makes me feel terrible.  When I had Matthew, he was ripped out because my placenta had abrupted.  There was no safe place for him anymore.  But this little guy...I feel like I should send him a morse code message or something.  Warn him that the uterus he's camping out in is not prime real estate.  It's right on a fault line buddy, a flood plain.  I don't know....

Hello ICLW people!  This week I will probably be either the best commenter because I have lots of bored hospital bed rest time or the worst because things have gone to shit.  More updates to be posted as they come.


  1. Just found you through ICLW! My cousin had to stay in the hospital for 2 months because her water broke early. Although she was happy to be there she also complained a lot, so I totally get you! I hope you can keep cookin that little guy :)

  2. Hi from ICLW...I hope you are able to keep your LO cooking

  3. Good luck! As you said, every day counts.

  4. ICLW #55. Hoping that you are doing okay during your hospital stay!

  5. Checking in. I hope you are still gestating!

  6. Hello from ICLW! Good luck keeping your little guy cooking!