Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving and an Autopsy

Thanksgiving was a little understated at my house this year.  Since Jerry and I are far apart, I spent it with my mother and her husband at their house.  Consequently, I am not plagued by Thanksgiving leftovers and am now roasting a chicken so I can make homemade soup at around 11 o'clock tonight.  Guess I didn't start early enough this morning.

Actually, I spent my morning watching an autopsy.  My stepfather is a forensic pathologist and what he lacks in social skills he (almost) makes up for in clinical knowledge.  I can't say autopsies are my first choice on the list of medical procedures to watch, but it was something I felt I needed to see at least once in my life.  One of my fellow nursing students came along and we had a pleasant morning.  So...I have no tales of sale shopping for you today, but if you ever want to hear about fatal skull fractures....

Death always seems so final to me.  I know I've talked here about my fears of getting some awful chronic disease like cancer or multiple sclerosis, but sudden deaths also terrify me.  There is no rhyme or reason to it.  Here one moment, gone the next.  Today I'm just glad to still be here.  Raising my daughter and procrastinating on writing those papers and with the knowledge that the people I know and love are safe and healthy.  There just isn't anything more than that when it comes right down to it. 

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  1. That's definitely not a typical way to spend Black Friday! But then again, where's the fun in being typical? :-)