Monday, March 14, 2011

One Down, Two to Go

My Pharmacology final went magnificently this morning.  I needed to clock in at a 75% to pull a B in the class and I got a 100%!  There is a light at the end of the tunnel for me finally in both my personal and school lives.  The sore throat miraculously disappeared around Friday, but I didn't want to say anything for fear of jinxing it.  I still have Pathophysiology and Chronic Care finals over the next two days, but Pharmacology was the big one for me as far as finals go.  I have had the worst quarter ever at school; I feel like I've been beat with a board full of rusty nails.  It does appear that my nursing career will continue as planned though, and I am just feeling better, you know? I have been truly terrified that the depression wouldn't lift this time, that I wasn't going to be able to pull myself back up.  I miss my guy and my kiddo like crazy; I haven't gotten to spend any real time with them in weeks.  My daughter has been following me around constantly trying to "help me study."  She is just dying to spend time with me and I feel so terrible about it.  I've spent most of her life going to school--it's all she knows.  I can't wait for Spring Break!

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