Thursday, July 25, 2013

Been Awhile...

Wow, time really flies when you're having fun huh?  As usual summer is blowing by at warp speed.   I think it has been over two months since I last wrote.  Let's see what I can catch you up on in the fifteen minutes I have carved out to write.

Tanner had his 4-month check-up today.  He weighs 14 pounds 11 ounces.  He smiles, he laughs, he rolls over, he grabs objects with his hands, and is working on sitting up.  He has already had his first haircut, and could use another.  He was a bit of a fussy newborn, but since just past 6 weeks he has been such a joyful, happy little guy.  He is so much fun.  He has been sleeping through the night since about 7 weeks, but he doesn't nap very well during the day.  I am a little sad at the end of each day at the thought of him growing up so fast.  Why does the baby part always go so fast? His sister just absolutely adores him and frequently has to be reminded to be gentle and give him a little space.  She is, however, very handy when he needs his binky replaced quickly, or someone entertaining to stare at for a few minutes while I shower. 

I started a job at a tiny rural hospital working weekends.  Jerry has been adjusting well to having both the kiddos on the days I work.  Tanner doesn't seem to mind at all.  I, on the other hand, have yet to get used to leaving him.  I thought it would get easier this time around, having already gone through this with Roo.  But no. I am really glad to be working, and I feel blessed to not have to leave him with a stranger, but it's HARD.  Pumping at work really sucks.  Then Tanner gets used to having a bottle for two days in a row and is a bit difficult to get back on the breast when Monday rolls around. 

I took a break from classes after my course wrapped up at the end of May.  I had forgotten what it felt like to be out of feels way too good.  Classes will be starting up again in a couple of weeks and I am not looking forward to it.

Jerry just got a new job and we are going to be moving!  I am so excited to get out of this tiny, ridiculous excuse for a town.  The town we are moving to is still pretty small but it is much more centrally located and is a mere 90 minute drive from the city Tanner was born in (I am currently 3.5 hours away from that city so...yeah).  It's not a place I ever thought I'd live and I still have reservations about it all, but the job is too good to turn down. We got the go-ahead to pick a start date today.  Now it's time to start house hunting!

I really want to write more.  The days with my little family are so fleeting and I miss the aware-of-the-moment feeling that more frequent posting gives me.  I like when I get the chance to take stock of everything that's happening and write it all down.  This post feels so short, but I really do have ten more waiting in my head right now. 

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  1. Good luck on the new place and school with two. I am terrified of how things will go when I'm back in school with a mobile baby. Oh my.