Sunday, September 9, 2012

Twelve Weeks

On Friday I had my first doctor appointment with Small Town MD.  It went very well.  Driving to the appointment, I was absolutely terrified.  I mean, I hadn't heard a heartbeat yet and I really didn't know for sure that things were coming along the way they are supposed to at this point.  I really didn't know for sure that a baby was in there.

Small Town MD was very pleasant and didn't seem too overwhelmed by either my history or my barrage of questions.  He is young and seems somewhat inexperienced.  When I expressed my desire to not deliver in his town, he seemed more than eager to NOT deliver my child :)  The plan of care he recommended was almost exactly what I was envisioning (discussed in the previous post) for this pregnancy.  He didn't act like he was even slightly in a hurry even though I took up much more than the average patient slot.  I was uncomfortable with what was obviously a lower level of experience than my other post-Matthew doctor...but in a small-town pinch I'm hoping he'll do.  I don't know if I mentioned that the perinatologist who delivered my daughter passed away a year after she was born.  He was spectacular and I wouldn't even be considering moving and finding new doctors if he was still an option.  Bummer. 

The plan is for me to get into see the perinatologist that is out-of-network soon so that we can all agree on the plan of care.  So far so good.  

He was very aware of my anxiety and offered an ultrasound.  Which I immediately took him up on.  I kept my eyes closed until I could convince myself to look at the screen.  I said, "Oh my gosh, there's someone in there!" and the tech burst out laughing. 

There was that little heartbeat.  Love.

I just tried to upload the pic but it won't orient correctly to the screen.  Will try again tomorrow.


  1. Yea for the heartbeat!! Congratulations again!

    And, I can't believe you're already at 12 weeks. Is it too early for me to ask about a due date? I'm guessing it's probably right around what Miss A's due date was. (Which I won't mention here, in case you're like me and are trying to avoid letting yourself think about a particular date...)

  2. I think I'm pretty much exactly where you were last year.