Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Project Baby

I suppose I can now announce that Project Baby has officially begun.  And by "officially begun" I mean my cycles are all over the place and I cannot decipher my BBT charts to save my life.  If this was a part of the upcoming NCLEX exam I would surely fail.  I would love to unload them here in the vain hope that I could get some help, but I cannot figure out how to get them from the iphone app to my computer (email isn't working).  So my confusion persists.  My temperature seems to vary so wildly and then I tend to get forgetful near the middle of my cycle and either miss the right days or cannot pick them out of the crazy zigzags of my temps.  

Adding to the cycle variance--I have been trying to increase the amount of time I spend exercising each week.  I've never exactly been a marathon runner, so it's all pretty light stuff, but I don't want it to make my cycles get crazier.  My diet is still a total disaster, but I'm trying to bring it around.

I honestly do not remember how I ever got pregnant by accident that one time.  I wonder if I'll feel more relaxed this next time around.  It would be nice, but I doubt it.  The other night I had a dream that I was ten weeks pregnant and Jerry was telling everyone and it was absolutely freaking me out.  The truth is I'll probably tell here and my mother and then attempt to wear baggy clothes until I hit 27 weeks to avoid telling anyone else.  We'll see when (and if) I get there.  

Not much else going on today...I did get my NCLEX application mailed off.  Now we wait for permission to test!

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