Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'm Craving...Benadryl

I haven't been sleeping well the last week or so.  I go to bed feeling wound up from the day and I can't seem to get any better quality sleep than a light doze.  I promised myself some drowsiness-inducing allergy medication kind of sleep tonight, but alas, Prince Charming has gone to visit his father for the night a few hours away and the Benadryl induced sleep I am craving makes it hard to be perky for my daughter when she wakes up at her normal 7 in the morning.  So it seems that quality sleep may elude me again tonight. 

The day was very productive, with long overdue house cleaning, grocery shopping, checkbook balancing and laundry finally getting caught up on.  I am letting the kiddo have a "slumber party" in the bed with me in her father's absence and she is all tucked in yelling along with every line of Shrek 2 (which, by the way, I have also memorized as I have been forced to endure it multiple times since it was unwrapped from an innocent looking package on Christmas morning).  The circus animals are quietly dozing in the living room right now, as opposed to their usual bickering and growling over a plethora of rope and squeaky toys.  Even the leaking roof has slowed to a quiet drop every 30 seconds or so, allowing me to forget that I will have to tolerate said roof until at least March when the snow clears and the weather warms enough to make tearing the roof off a trailer house more practical.  All is well in my household, and with my "husband" gone and child almost asleep, I am enjoying the novelty of a house that is staying as clean as it was when I dumped out the mop water this afternoon.  Time to hit the books...another rocking Saturday night.

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